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One Metre


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Presented by the Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA)

Gladstone, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

20th - 28th October, 2024

* Image by Nick Lindsley

Every two years, the International One Metre (IOM) class of radio controlled yacht invite the best radio control sailors from around the globe to compete for World Championship glory.

In October 2024, the eyes of the radio sailing community turn to Queensland, Australia as the harbour city of Gladstone prepares to host this prestigious international event. 

IOM Worlds 24 Gladstone


20TH - 28TH OCTOBER, 2024

Anticipation is growing as we approach these all important two weeks in October. The Gladstone community is incredibly proud to be selected as hosts of the IOM World Championships, and the inclusive and perocial local community spirit will embrace and inspire all participants.


Our goal is to provide the best on-water racing experience for competitors, teamed with enjoyable off-water social experiences, hospitality and fellowship.

With Gladstone ideally situated as the departure point for access to the Southern Great Barrier Reef - bring the family, come for the racing and stay for a holiday.


Take a look at our Trip Logistics page for more information on getting here and what is on offer when you do. The Gladstone Region is waiting....

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What is an IOM?

It’s a misconception that the International One Metre (IOM) is a model or toy. The IOM is actually not a model of anything (to scale) but a stand-alone,  registered and governed class of yacht, internationally recognised and raced in over 30 countries by thousands of sailors. The IOM class is the most popular radio-controlled racing yacht in the world today.

1994 was the first World Title event held in Saint-Cyr, Vienne, France and was swept by three Englishmen, Graham Bantock, Chris Dicks, and Mark Dicks.
Since then, only two Australians have sat on the highest step, Craig Smith (1997 & 2005) and Brad Gibson (2007). The current World Champion is Olivier Cohen from France (2022).

Basic Specifications:
Hull length: 1 metre
Displacement: 4 kgs
Draught: 420 mm
Sail area: 0.6 m²

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