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Q & A

Here are some questions and answers you may find useful about the conditions, the race precinct, the racing and the events. Please feel free to send any further questions you may have by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

What can we expect weather-wise?

Gladstone has an ideal climate, with one of the smallest mean temperature differences all year round. October in Australia is Springtime, and daytime temperatures are expected to be around 25-28C, with overnight temperatures around 20C. Gladstone is situated just below the Tropic of Capricorn, and in a sub-tropical climate, rain is always possible, so keep this in mind.

What does the sailing location look like?

Sailing will take place from a commercial fishing wharf in the Gladstone Marina. The Wharf extends 90-120m from the shore, providing an excellent vantage point for clear viewing of the racing. Wind conditions and direction are difficult to predict, but at this time of year, winds are expected to be between 5 and 15 knots from the NE/E direction, even though SE/E is the most common year-round. Based on this we have two main course areas, even though courses can be set in any conditions. View the race area HERE.

What does the Race Precinct look like?

The IOM World Working Group has been working hard to create a comprehensive Race Precinct that is comfortable, practical, and functional. To view the current plans for the race precinct you can view HERE 

Will there be WiFi?

YES! There will be free WiFi in the Race Precinct supplied by our Supporter Dreamtilt (Funny name - Great Wireless Internet!)

How deep is the water?

Depending upon the course used, the water depth will be a minimum of 2.4m up to 3.5 m+ (in other words, you won't be touching the bottom!). Will there be waves? Given its harbour location, wave conditions will be minimal, potentially up to 150mm in high winds.

What about tide?

The sailing area is tidal, with a maximum range of 3.6m. The sailing course is at the dead end of the marina, so tidal flow is minimal across the sailing area. The event schedule is planned during a period of minimal tidal ranges.

Is the venue weed-free?

Since the venue is saltwater and tidal, weed is not expected to be a consideration, as it is essentially weed-free all year round.

What are the launching options?

While the local Gladstone Club wet-launch for their weekly events, and this option is still available, much effort and expense have gone into providing dry launching facilities for this event.

Is there boat storage in the Race Precinct?

During the event, secure boat storage will be available at the venue in the Officials/Measurement/Judiciary area of the Volunteer Marine Rescue Building. Security personnel will monitor the Race Precinct overnight for the duration of the championships.

Is there food and drink available at the Race Precinct?

Water/Soft Drinks are sponsored and will be free for competitors.

A retail coffee van will be on-site to purchase hot drinks.

All competitors will receive 4x $5 tokens to the value of $20, each race day. These tokens can be used at a selection of mobile food vans attending the venue. While a variety of foods will be available, we cannot cater to personal preferences or dislikes. However, we will do our utmost to accommodate health-related dietary restrictions and allergies. If you have such needs, please get in touch with our Events Coordinator, Natalie Cooper, at as soon as possible (PRIOR TO THE CHAMPIONSHIPS).

Will there be power availabe?

 240V power is standard in Australia. While there are a few locations around the precinct where power is available, we strongly suggest that you prepare your own daily power requirements in advance, as finding a free outlet may be difficult.

Can we camp at the venue?

Camping/Caravan stay at the Race Precinct is strictly NOT permitted. NO overnight caravan or camper parking is available on site, even in the car park.

Is there an area for Boat Repairs?

No specific area has been set out for yacht repairs. Depending on the repair requirement, the organising committee may arrange access to tooling and a suitable facility.

Will there be personal shelter?

There are specifically assigned undercover areas for rigging your yacht, storing your gear, and relaxing between races. The area available is approximately 3m x 1.5m, per competitor. Chairs will also be provided. Even though there is adequate shade around the precinct, competitors should consider the Australian sun and ensure they have appropriate clothing to protect them from the elements.

What are our transportation options

The Organising Committee has organised a bus service for transportation from inner city areas, twice in the mornings and three times in the afternoons on race days. The bus loop is a set route, and personal deviations from this route will not be considered. Each afternoon loop will terminate at the Gladstone Yacht Club to allow competitors to enjoy The Debief.  Early plans for the bus route can be found HERE. (Subject to change).
Should you prefer to hire a vehicle, we recommend one of our hire company supporters - AVIS Gladstone, HERE (remember, we drive on the left-hand side of the road!) Taxis are also an option with Maxi-Taxi or passenger car options available. Rideshare (Uber) options are very limited.

What activities have been organised?

You will have plenty of activities, including key events such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Social Night Cruise Event, which are free for competitors. A range of tour options have also been organised for the lay day. All of these events require tickets for competitors and guests (whether complimentary or not). We strongly suggest that you secure your tickets now if you haven't already done so, as seats are limited. All this ticketing information is available in the EVENTS heading on this website.

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