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Embrace the Vibrant Atmosphere of the 2024 World IOM Championship

This page is your gateway to the heart of the action, where we'll take you on a journey through a range of social events that celebrate the spirit of sailing and the camaraderie of our global sailing community.


From the Opening Ceremony that welcomes competitors from all corners of the world, to the debrief after the heart-pounding day of races, and lay-day activities, social events, and culminating in the Closing Ceremony that showcases sailing mastery, this championship is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of the sport we all love and the lifelong friendships of those involved.

As we prepare to make this championship a truly memorable event, we'll be sharing event details and schedules right here on this page. Be the first to know about the thrilling races, social gatherings that bring everyone together, and cherished award ceremonies that honour the achievements of our remarkable sailors. 


Whether you're a competitor, dedicated partner, support crew, sponsor, volunteer, interested spectator, or a sailing enthusiast, the Event Page will keep you updated on everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the excitement and joy of the 2024 World IOM Championship.

Proposed schedule of events:

20 OCT 24 Measurement/Registration

21 OCT 24 Measurement/Registration / Opening Ceremony

22 OCT 24 Sailing day 1

23 OCT 24 Sailing day 2

24 OCT 24 Sailing day 3 / Social Function

25 OCT 24 Lay day

26 OCT 24 Sailing day 4

27 OCT 24 Sailing day 5

28 OCT 24 Sailing day 6 / Closing Ceremony



Our social home base for the 2024 World IOM Championships is the Gladstone Yacht Club. 

Honourably awarded Best Small Social Club twice, and known for it's idyllic central location, offering beautiful water and sunset views, a constant sea breeze and a perfect place to wine, dine or relax and unwind. the Gladstone Yacht Club was one of our first sponsors to jump onboard and support this event.

In 2024, we are introducing 'The Debrief'.

A common location for all competitors, volunteers, officials and sponsors to automatically gather directly after each day's sailing and, well... debrief.

Each night, there will be random giveaways and jackpotting prizes from our generous Debrief Sponsors.

Embrace the day's proceedings with others, enjoying the regatta's fellowship over a cold drink, or if you stick around, for a meal from their amazing menu.

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Gladstone Yacht Club

Official BRONZE Sponsor

of the 2024 World IOM Championships

The Debrief
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