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* Image by Nick Lindsley



The class was created in 1988 by Jan Dejmo, aided by Graham Bantock and the Technical Committee of the IMYRU (predecessor of IRSA). It has continued to grow steadily since its creation. The IOM class is managed by its own International Class Association, IOMICA.


Although carbon fibre is allowed in the construction of the fin and rudder, construction of the hull must be of either wood or glass fibre. Spars shall be of alloy or timber, and the sails are to ‘One Design’ sizes.


The number of rigs is limited to three. This makes the class very popular for amateur builders, and many designers have plans for competitive boats. Builders who can supply kits for home completion or completed boats are plentiful.

Each competitors yacht will go through a thorough and serious measurement process prior to being allowed to race in the World Championships, where millimetres and grams become incredibly important. 

Basic Specifications:

Hull length: 1 metre
Displacement: 4 kgs
Draught: 420 mm
Sail area: 0.6 m²

For more specific details on the class checkout the IOM Class Rules 2022 from the link below.


* Image by Nick Lindsley

IOM Class

* Image by Nick Lindsley


The International One Metre (IOM) is the most popular radio-controlled racing yacht in the world, and the IOM World Titles is a highly prestigious event that attracts top sailors from around the globe.


Radio-controlled racing stands proudly as one of the few truly inclusive sports where men and women compete on equal terms, regardless of age or physical attributes. As such, only one Open World Championship Event is held.

1994 was the first World Title event held in Saint-Cyr, Vienne, France and was swept by three Englishmen, Graham Bantock, Chris Dicks, and Mark Dicks.


Since then, only two Australians have sat on the highest step, Craig Smith (1997 & 2005) and Brad Gibson (2007). The current World Champion is Olivier Cohen from France (2022) who won the event in Rogoznica, Croatia by defeating 75 other participants, from 24 nations represented.

Every two years, the International One Metre International Class Association (IOMICA), invites

nations from around the globe for submissions to host the prestigious World Championships and, after a long and involved scrutineering process, awards a country and city the honour of holding the event.

About the Championships
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