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Worlds 24 Merch On Pre-Sale

It's an exciting time! The much-anticipated official merchandise for the 2024 IOM World Championships has just been released online, and a range of quality items showcase the anticipated comradery, spirit, and style of these IOM championships.

At this stage, there won't be any merchandise available for purchase at the event. Instead, we are offering a pre-sale option,

Why the pre-sale? Well, simply so we can offer a diverse range of quality products and try to ensure minimum quantities can be achieved, allowing you to secure your favourite items.

We need you to order up big ... so if you're expecting to be a competitor, coming as a volunteer, official, or even if you can't make it but just want some cool IOM World Championship merch from wherever you are around the world, head over to the official page HERE and place your pre-order now.

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