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Happy New World Championship Year. 🎉

While we have our feet up for a couple of days, I just thought I would take this opportunity to provide an update on the organisation of the IOM Worlds 2024. From the outset, I'd like to say the Gladstone Community has been incredible, as you would have seen by the regular social announcements of generous sponsorships of the event, and we have more to announce soon.

We also have some amazing news from late last year that has gone a long way to ensure the success of the event, and we're keen to share it with you - but we have to finalise details when we all get back to work - so we'll have to stand by on this. 

We have been hearing that interest around the championships is building with international IOM sailors keen for the IOM Worlds 2024, many of whom have verbally assured us of their intentions to compete. For those definitely coming Down Under in 2024, I'd suggest you look at our 'accommodation' page HERE to secure your stay with two of our accommodation partners who have offered attractive package deals for the event. As Gladstone is a city with a prominent industrial workforce, accommodation can be hard to find at times - so don't delay. Even if you're planning an extended stay - these offers are open for the month, so we encourage you to come for the racing and stay for a holiday. After all, it's a long way to come not to enjoy what beautiful Queensland, Australia has to offer.

A lot of work is going into the sailing venue, and with the announcements of two major sponsors, High-Risk Solutions and FODICO, providing important launching infrastructure. We're really happy with how things are shaping up, adding to the comfort and convenience of our competitors.

Our plans to Livestream each day racing to the world are taking shape with confirmation of our professional streaming partners and the appointment of some commentators. We will share more details soon. Finally, we've been asked, 'What's there to do for partners who make the trip while the other half are out there competing'? Well, the short answer is plenty! We have asked Gladstone's local tourism body, the GAPDL, to pull together a comprehensive list of sights and suggestions, which we will publicise in the next month. Until the next update. Grant Cooper IOM World Championships Working Group 2024

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