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IOM World Championships 24 is LIVE!

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

The International One Metre (IOM) World Championships 2024 Website has been launched, and we couldn't be happier.

ARYA President Andrew Reid gives the green light for this important milestone
ARYA President Andrew Reid gives the green light for this important milestone

Located at the incredibly easy to remember the website was created by the team at Cooper McKenzie Marketing, who are managing this project, in conjunction with all our socials, collecting content and images, professionally writing, designing, testing functionality and painstakinly managing the SEO, to get the site live before their own imposed deadline of before the one year out milestone. It's also optimised for tablet and smartphone viewing

Here you will find everything you'll need to know about this prestigious event. What is a IOM, how to get here, who are our sponsors, what merchandise you can buy, the racing and social schedule,the results, and the soon to launch media centre, where it's proposed that you can watch the racing live, as it happens, streamed to the world.

Having said all that, as we are still over a year out (at the time of this post), so there will be more and more information being added to the site regularly, including sponsorship announcements, logistics for those attending the championships plus much more. But it's not only that our IOM World Championships 24 Website is LIVE, don't forget to connect to all our social platforms for up to the minute information and announcements, as the excitement builds for Gladstone's International One Metre (IOM) World Championships in 2024.

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