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May 24, 2023

News through this morning......

News through this morning from Rob Walsh - IOM ICA Events Co-Ordinator: Dear Sean and Glenn, I am please to confirm that the events committee is now satisfied with your bid and have recommend to the Executive Committee to accept the bid. The IOM ICA executive has now ratified the Events Committees decision, so I am pleased to inform you that AUS NCA will be hosting the 2024 IOM World Championship. Many congratulations and we wish you a successful event. The events team will be on hand to help you along the way. IOMICA will release a statement shortly confirming the news.

Best regards,

Rob Walsh IOMICA VC Events

Racing gets underway at the CQ Titles held in Gladstone 2019

SO - It's on......

The ARYA's Ranking Period for selection to the 2024 IOM Worlds opened 20 April 2023 and will close 19 April 2024.

At this stage, it is far too early to anticipate how many places will be available to Australian skippers. The number will depend on the uptake of laces by other countries.

It is fair to say that competition for positions in the event will be keenly sought, so planning your attendance at ARYA Ranking events would be a great idea!

Get ready for some terrific IOM racing in Australia!!

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